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Hangzhou SHIQIN Commodity Co., Ltd

 a professional manufacturer and exporter of consumer products such as Bath soap, Laundry soap,Handmade soap,Hand Sanitizer,Hand soap,Pet shampoo and so on.Contact us…

Romantic wedding gift

lovely heart shaped moisturizing and antiseptic handmade soap.

Amino Acid Aloe soap

Aloe Vera handmade essential oil soap, square,green and OEM.

CheeseRush Clean soap

Triangle cheese shaped basic cleaning soap,nourish skin.

Hotel soap 20g

round or rectangle or square shape Fragrance can be customized

wholesale laundry soap

strong clean of clothes, color and shape can be OEM

Natural honey bee soap

moisturizing and whitening skin make skin smooth and flexible

Fruit shaped soap

Pure fruited shaped essential added Apple,Banana,Lemon,Pineapple etc

Herbal wormwood soap

anti-inflammatory and antiseptic Square,green with wormwood scent

Laundry soap for baby

Natural plant base organic soap mainly used for baby clothes

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Glycerol: Natural Glycerol can be moisturizing,so it helps skin improve dryness.

Olive oil: It is rich in vitamins and  can be antioxidants.moisturizing and protected.

Cocont oil: It is good  at cleaning and improving dry and sensitive skin.

Saffron extracts: Resist the damage of ultraviolet radiation to skin effectively.

Fruit soap

75gram fruit soap,total TEN colors and scents

Private Logo or Package available

Basic cleaning

Bath soap

Weight:75 gram

color: customized


Heart shaped romantic soap

For hand&bath cleaning

Extra vitamins

Weight: 55 gram

Color: Pink

Fragrance: OEM

Amino Acid  Handmade soap

with Aloe Vera

Oil control and detoxification etc.

Weight:100 gram

Color: Green,Pink,Blue


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Hangzhou SHIQIN Commodity Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of consumer products such as soaps, hand sanitizer,pet shampoo.